Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hello World !

Hey, friend. I am new here. I've been interesting in many things, so I'd like to share my mind to the world. I'd plan to posting so many things here. Your comments is very welcome.


  1. #include stdio.h

    int main() {
    printf("Hello World!");
    return 0;

    so , that's when the computer engineers write a post on their blogs in a very first time depends on language do they use

  2. So .. hey ! let's share stories and experiences. glad to read more of your next posts. and would you please teach me how to write properly because i have trouble with my vocabularies , diction selection and use the proper grammar or some language rules to arrange words from idea to interesting stories like you did. oh, i forgot. you're a busy lady now right? so i leave my blog url. you can read it if you want (only 3 posts so far, lol).

    from a boy who lost his life orientation on a high school