Tuesday, February 14, 2017


What is love actually
I was learning it at college for a semester and still haven't got any clue

You, by the way
I always have that silly tingly blushy feeling when I remember you
And I want to blame our pheromone
We've known each other for one year now
I have mesmerized by the second I met you
It's not your looks
You're not an open book
Your words always blew my mind in a way nobody ever does
Yet I'm afraid to ask
Is this love?

Yeah you,
If by any chance you read this
Maybe you don't know that I'm talking about you

Yeah you,
Since we still believe in God
I hope once in a rainbow He will sparkle moon dust around us
I have that vivid imagination
That we'll grow old together
Read books, drink coffee and take nap together
You'd be doing good, best
Because sometimes you just too good to be true
Yet you are the truest
Life with you would never just pay taxes and die

And if any of that will never happen
Please, be my good friend

I love you

Kukusan, February 14th 2017


  1. Ulu ulu senangnya yang dicintai Mba Bin :)))

  2. did u arrange those words by ur self? ..i wonder..